PSA DuraTHICK   M7240  Black with adhesive
DuraTHICK   M7251 White

DuraTHICK M7251 White

$24.00 per yard
3MM DuraTHICK   M7200 Fire Red
3MM DuraTHICK   M7218 Billiard
3MM DuraTHICK   M7273 Royal Blue
3MM DuraTHICK   M7277 Brown
DuraTHICK   M7240  Black

DuraTHICK M7240 Black

$20.00 per yard
3MM Durafelt  3MM7241 Yellow
3MM Durafelt  3MM7284 Neon Lime
2MM Durafelt  2MM7251 White
2MM Durafelt  2MM7244 Buttercup
2MM Durafelt  2MM7264 Shocking Pink
2MM Durafelt  2MM7200 Fire Red
2MM Durafelt  2MM7246 Tan

2MM Durafelt 2MM7246 Tan

$16.50 per yard
2MM Durafelt  2MM7277 Brown
2MM Durafelt  2MM7218  Billiard Green

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