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Show/Mead 257 Frost Blue
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Wool Felt

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Real wool FELT from 100% wool Tempora to wool rayon blended Star FELT. Hundreds of colors. Felt has been our business for more than 70 years. Our customers have affectionately nicknamed us "The Felt People". Let us help you find the best FELT for your applications.

Willi-Cloth WC-5 Burgundy
Willi-Cloth WC-2 Fire House Red
Willi-Cloth WC-3 Camel
Willi-Cloth WC-10 Spruce

Felt with Adhesive

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Our popular Durafelt with peel and stick adhesive backings. Since introducing synthetic, washable, economical, DURAFELT to US market in 1980, Central Shippee still leads the way with quality FELT.

PSA DuraPLUS  7240+ Black  with adhesive
PSA DuraSTIFF  S7240  Black  with adhesive
PSA DuraTHICK   M7240  Black
VFP240 PSA Flocked Velvet with adhesive

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